Beginning your home search can feel like a completely overwhelming and daunting task.

At Dwell Real Estate, we want you and other potential buyers to understand the steps we take to make the process as easy and painless as possible. By the end, with our support and guidance, you will live happily ever after in your new, dream home.

We broke it down into these 8 simple steps for you: 

Our Simple 8 Step Process for Home Buyers 📝

1.) Meet in Person & Create a Wish List ☕️

Let’s get to know each other! We’ll sit down, talk through the process of buying a home with Dwell Real Estate, and dive into your dream home.

2.) Pre-Qualification 🏦

Be prepared to dig into paperwork during this part of the process such as pay stubs, W2’s, and tax returns. The lender will do a full review and then tell you what you will be able to borrow in order to purchase a home. This is a vital step in the home buying process!

3.) Listing Alerts Sent Based on Your Criteria 📲

This is where you’ll get notifications about the listings that you’re most likely to be excited about. Be sure to let us know if one (or more) jumps out at you so that we can skip to the next step and schedule a viewing.

4.) Schedule Viewing Appointments & Attend Open Houses 👀

Here’s where the buying process gets really fun. We’ll go to local open houses and schedule viewings of the homes that you’ve loved from our listing alerts. We’ll talk about how the budget will work and make sure that we find you the perfect home.

5.) Find the Perfect Home and Write an Offer ✍🏼

A little scary, but very exciting! Three things can happen when putting in an offer on a house:
1. The offer is accepted
2. The offer is rejected
3. You get a counteroffer

We’ll walk you through each of those possibilities and how to handle them. Once the offer is accepted, it’s time to get your financing in order and move forward to the next step!

6.) Acceptance, Appraisal & Inspection 🔍

The sellers accepted your offer, and the home is going through appraisal and inspection. The appraisal guarantees that the price of the property matches the condition of the property while the inspection makes sure that everything in the home is functioning properly and there are no major issues inside. These are the last steps before the shiny keys to your home are place in your hand... for good!

7.) Time to Close and Get the Keys! 🔑

It’s time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s because you’re closing on your home! This process includes going through all of the final paperwork and signing your name (a lot!). Don't forget to bring all of the paperwork you’ve collected along the way and your down payment. 

8.) Celebrate! 🍾

Grab a bottle of champagne and toast to your new home! Congratulations, you’re a homeowner!!

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